•   98% Pass Rate
  •   Entry-Level
  •   Graduate Debt Free
  •   Weekend Classes Available
  •   Flexible Convenient Hybrid Class       Schedules

8 Week Entry-Level Dental Assistant Program

Dentrilogy is developing a new generation of Dental Assistants by providing modern dental education at the highest standards. Our students not only excel in clinical knowledge and skill but also in professionalism and ethics. 

Traditional programs no longer serve the new world of Dental Assisting, thus Dentrilogy has developed a weekly 3- facet curricular infrastructure updated for 2024.

Online Weekly Modules

  • CBL: Clinical-Based Learning
  • Short Straight to the Point Video Modules
  • Clinical Preperation
  • Learn at Your Own Pace

Hands-On Training

  • 1 Full Day a Week for 8 Weeks.
  • Practice and Get Feedback from Actual Test Patients & Doctors
  • Active Recall to Help You Retain the Information Easily 
  • 1:8 Teacher-Student Ratio | Certain Classes 2:8
  • Get Hands-On Instruction for that Weeks Online Modules


  • Receive More Hands-On Training at 2-3 of our 50+ Partner Dental Practices (Or Select Your Own)
  • Receive Further Training by Doctors & Dental Assistants with Real Patients
  • A Total of 55 Hours Between Weeks 2-7 with Flexible Schedules.
  • Excellent Opportunity to Receive Job Offers

Prepare to thrive as a dental assistant, gaining confidence in executing essential skills. Our 8-week accelerated program equips you for success in the modern dental industry, emphasizing proficiency, ethics, and professionalism.

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Classes are filling up quickly

Do You Want To Become a Certified Dental Assistant in Just 8 Weeks?

Our dental assisting program is unlike any other. You’ll get to work with both active dentists and dental assistants to perform procedures in active dental practices. Plus, you’ll learn and do hands-on practice for dental procedures, medical screenings, patient care, and more.

With our program, you can become a certified dental assistant in just 8 weeks. You’ll have the skills and knowledge to provide quality care for patients and assist the dentist in any situation.

Enroll now! We offer payment plans and many options so that everyone can afford our program.
Classes are filling up quickly


  • EFDA
  • Dental Radiology Training
  • OSHA Certification
  • HIPPA Certification
  • BLS/CPR/AED Certification from the America Heart Association
  • Intraoral Camera Certification
  • Intraoral 3D Scanning Certification
  • Dental Practice Interview Training


  • General Dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Pedodontics

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Take the first step towards a successful career in dentistry. Benefit from affordable training, small classes, and personalized attention from experienced instructors. Launch your dream as a Dental Assistant with top-quality education..

Come join us today for an unforgettable learning experience – it's sure to be worth every dental drill!

You are going to excel in dental assisting, and you’ll be well equipped to confidently perform and execute the skills and techniques it requires to excel as a dental assistant for todays’ dental industry after this 8 week program.

If your ready for a new exhilarating career in Dental Assisting ...


Motivated to perfect and polish your existing dental knowledge, skills and techniques as a dental assistant alongside boosting your credentials …. 

 Apply to join our next cohort of students below 

Classes are filling up quickly

Many Of Our Students Get Job Offers and Hired Before Graduating

Here’s How our Dental Assisting Program Works

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Step 1: Join & Master the Knowledge, Skill, & Technique in Dental Assisting

Once you talk with our school and secure your spot in the program, you will be registered into the next 8-week class cohort. We generally hold these 8-week programs every other month with a new batch of students, so depending on when you secure your spot will depend on when your class starts next.

Step 2: Be Sure to Attend the Weekly Clinical Training

You get access to the highest standard dental education, skills and technique development material with the 8-week program. You’ll also get excess to award-winning educational platforms to retain and recall everything we’ve taught you during this 8-week program for long-term memory and to confidently exhibit all of your skills and techniques during your new dental career endeavors.
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Step 3: Take the Certification Exam to Finish the Process

Once your 8-week training is completed, you will take a comprehensive exam to ensure you retained what you learned throughout our program. Our pass rate is 98% due to our exceptional 3-facet curricular model. Those who fail the exam will have the opportunity to retake it.

  93% Job Placement Rate

   98% Pass Rate

  100% Satisfaction

Imagine All The Career Opportunities

The Dental Assisting Program not only teaches you the technical aspects of becoming a dental assistant, but it also equips you with vital job-seeking skills. We'll show you how to search for available positions and prepare yourself strategically - from knowing what to wear on an interview to crafting your best responses!

Students will also receive:

  • Customized Resume
  • Reference List
  • Interview Portfolio

At Dentrilogy Academy, we're proud to be the go-to source for dental and orthodontic offices in Florida seeking top talent. When our partners call us with staffing needs, we connect them directly to our students – swiftly putting resumes on desks that could pave their way into amazing careers!
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Change Your Life in Only 8 Weeks

Ready for an exciting career change? Then dental assisting is the perfect profession! With 56,400 new openings expected next year and 8% employment growth - much faster than average - you'll be able to find a job in no time. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics it's one of the top 10 occupations that doesn't require a college degree! So if you're looking for solid pay, flexible hours and work-life balance – look no further - get started as a dental assistant today with Us!
  • High school graduates
  • Young mothers providing for families
  • Moms entering the workforce
  • People looking to change careers
  • Burnt-out office workers
Classes are filling up quickly
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As a Dental Assistant, the Dentist relies on you to provide hands-on dental treatment with them alongside other critical roles such as taking oral diagnostic imaging of your patients. 

A professional and experienced Expanded Functions Dental Assistant that is paid top dollar is generally well educated and trained with all of the following facets for the highest standards in today’s world in Dental Care:

  • Performs hands-on dental procedures and treatment with Dentist 
  • Performs procedures in compliance with the Dental Practice Act.
  • Performs Medical Screenings 
  • Assist the dentist in the management of medical or dental emergencies
  • Documents dental care services by charting in patient’s record
  • Provide diagnostic information by exposing and developing radiographic studies, pouring, trimming, and polishing cast.
  • Prepares treatment room for patients by following prescribed procedures and protocols 
  • Prepares patient for dental treatment by comforting, seating, and draping the patient 
  • Educate patients by giving oral hygiene, plaque control, and postoperative instructions alongside answering their questions. 
  • Maintains professional and technical dental knowledge; reviews professional publications
  • Ability to apply sound judgment beyond a specific set of instructions and apply knowledge to different factual situations
  • Ability to apply principles of critical thinking to a variety of practical and emergent situations and accurately follow standardized procedures that may call for deviations
Dentrilogy is developing a new generation of Dental Assistants by providing modern dental education at the highest standards. Our students not only excel in clinical knowledge and skill but also in professionalism and ethics.

Here What Our Alumnus Have to Say

Hear what our students have to say and be the next one to experience all that's in store when you join us!
Classes are filling up quickly
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