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The education & credentials you'll receive from Dentrilogy Academy will set you up to enter the field of dentistry with the confidence to compete for the best employment opportunities in dentistry.

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Our Students Have the "Upper-hand" In Job Placement Opportunities 

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  • Dentrilogy Academy has maintained its position as one of the top leading Dental Assisting Schools in Florida

  • Our credentials give you the advantage over the competition for job placement with the best employment opportunities from top dental practices in Palm Beach and Broward County.

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#We don't stop until our very own are EMPLOYED.

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As one of the leading dental assisting school in Florida, Dentrilogy's graduates gain the upper hand in the employment market. Our Program is held in high regard by employers and dental practices , allowing our graduates a competitive edge over those from other schools.

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Dentrilogy Academy help students graduate DEBT FREE by offering affordable tuition and flexible payments plans.

Imagine Graduating Debt Free.....

The 8-Week Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program cost $4,500, The 4 Week Orthodontic Dental Assistant Program cost $2,500, The 13 Week Dental Administration Program cost $7,500, The 1-Day EFDA cost $430, The 1-Day Radiology cost $295 and  The 1-Day CPR/BLS cost $65. We have many other financial payment solutions to take care of your tuition, don't even sweat it! Call us # 561.600.1486

Is Tuition All Inclusive or is There Additional Cost?

Absolutely, 100% All-Inclusive! At Dentrilogy, you'll never pay any additional fees or cost! You have our word! 

What Does Tuition Cover?

Everything! All of our programs are All-Inclusive. You'll never have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses for course material. 

Do You Accept Financial Aid?

We don't, however, we have many other financial solutions to take care of your tuition, don't even sweat it!  Call us # 561.600.1486. 

What is Your Pass Rate?

99% Pass Rate!

What is Your Job Placement Rate?

99% Job Placement Rate!

Is Dentrilogy Academy Accredited?

Absolutely! We are are an Accredited Dental Assisting School! Approved & MAINTAIN an A+ RECORD by the Board of Dentistry, Florida Department Of Education, & Florida Department of Health.

Where Are Classes Held During Clinical Days?

Your clinical hands-on training will be held at a fully equipped modernized dental practice. This was strategically planned so that graduates are entirely familiar upon graduating and entering the work field. 

Do You Offer Your Courses in Spanish?

Yes we do! We're the only dental assisting school in Florida that offers our programs in Spanish! Call us for more information. 

Can I Enroll if I'm Under 18 Years of Age?

Yes, we've taught many students among this age group.

How many days per week do I need to physically be present at the school?

Only 1-day-a week for all of our courses: Come in once-a-week for every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Your choice!

What are the certifications I'll receive after completing the 8-week Dental Assistant Program?

Expanded Function Dental Assistant Diploma, Dental Radiology Certification, BLS+CPR +AED Certification, Intraoral 3D Scanning Certification, Intraoral Camera Certification, HIPAA Certification and OSHA Certification.